Soundproofing Home Theaters

Soundproof Your Home Theater Today - Without Breaking The Bank!

Did you know that nearly one in five people can hear noise coming from their neighbor's home - and the biggest culprit of this disturbance originates from home theaters?

In today's entertainment market, were provided with a diverse array of big and loud home theater products & from massive HD television screens to surround sound speakers that would make a movie theater jealous, we can enjoy the very best that the home entertainment industry has to offer. However, unless proper care is taken to make sure that your home theater is appropriately sound proofed, the noise from watching a movie or a favorite television program can often disturb others in your home or your neighbors, often with disastrous results. Want to make sure that you can enjoy all that your home theater has to offer without disturbing the peace and quiet of your neighborhood? Let our expert advice and superior soundproofing products help you create the best home theater around without sacrificing your wallet!

In short the time to soundproof is when your studs are exposed. Add standard fiberglass insulation in your studs followed by Whisper Clips (also called Green glue noiseproofing clips) onto the face of the studs. Install 7/8 hat channel with 2 layers of 5/8 drywall hung on them. Sandwich Green Glue in between the 2 layers, this can be done on your walls and ceiling. Follow these simple and proven technique and your neighbors and rest of your household will bless you. Be sure to seal the perimeter of your walls and ceilings with a proper acoustical caulk. Your next step would be to tackle those doors which are notorious for noise leaks. The proper steps for doing that can be found on our soundproof door bottom page.

More in depth explanation and installing techniques can be found by browsing our web site. A good place to start would be with our Soundproofing Basics Article and take it from there.

Customers Questions and Answers

1) Eve: Hi, I am working on refinishing a basement rec room. The ceilings aren't finished. I was going to spray foam in between the 2x8 joists to soundproof but I would like to know what you recommend. Is finishing the ceiling with drywall absolutely necessary? We were going to spray foam the top of the ceiling (2'' think spray foam between the joists) and leave the joists as is or stain them to create the look of beams. The ceilings are 6'-5''. Any suggestions?

Trademark Soundproofing Reply: Hi Eve, Yes for proper soundproofing you would need to finish your ceiling with drywall (adding clips and channels first and/or more layers of drywall with damping compound). The spray foam alone will not cut it.

2) ewin: Hi, I notice your product of noise damping pipe and duct wrap. [it is not possible to install isolation in my room but the idea is to put such a layer above the strings and underneath of my grand piano. Can you recommend this product or an equivalent. I need only small quantities, can you propose the smallest quantitiy [about 4square meter max]? Best regards, Erwin

Trademark Soundproofing Reply:

It is available in squares of 2' x 2' or 2' x 4' here.

3) scott nicolette: I'm going to build a home theater in the basement. If I want to isolate noise from transferring through concrete floor. should I build a floating floor first then bring walls (drywall) down to floor, or other way around. And what is the best way to decouple floor to prevent sub from transferring to whole house.

Trademark Soundproofing Reply:

First way would be better. Best way to decouple floor is to use the rubber joist isolators.

4) Robert K: If I’m looking to get good soundproofing on a budget without losing much ceiling, would you prioritize whisper clips with single 5/8” drywall, or double drywall with GG?

Trademark Soundproofing Reply: One layer drywall with clips.

5) Randall: Want to soundproof new construction home theater in basement. 18 x 26 x 10. Using commercial whisper clips/channels, possibly 1/2 osb then 1/2 drywall.The front and right side are 2x4 walls framed against 8" poured concrete. The rear and left side are 2x6 load bearing interior walls. Do I need to use whisper clips on all walls and ceiling, or just interior walls and ceiling ? any other comments appreciated. Thanks Randall

Trademark Soundproofing Reply:

If you are concerned about sound leaking through the concrete walls than those should be decoupled as well. Otherwise some Green Glue Damping Compound between the OSB and drywall should be enough.