Acoustical Caulk

Acoustical Caulk by the Green Glue Company is used to seal gaps on perimeter of sound control walls/floors/ceilings. In addition they are used to seal any holes or gaps e.g. around electrical outlets, pipe penetration. Besides being acoustically rated this acoustical caulk will remain soft and pliable so that no cracks develop with time which would allow sound to seep through.

This Green Glue Noiseproofing Sealant comes in large 29 oz tubes and will yield approximately 50 linear feet per tube. Caulk is paintable once dry.

Color of this caulk is white.

Trademark Soundproofing keeps a steady supply of factory fresh caulk at our East and West coast facilities available to ship within 24 hours.


Acoustical Caulk
Acoustical Caulk

Acoustical Caulk, Green Glue Sealant - (29 oz.) tubes. Each tube provides approximately 50 linear feet of sealant. Option of ordering cases with 12, 6 or 2 tubes per case. See below for additional information