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*CLEARANCE - Auralex DeskMAX Stand Mounted Acoustic Panels
*CLEARANCE - Auralex DeskMAX Stand Mounted Acoustic Panels

CLEARANCE ITEM - Note, this DeskMAX is fully functional and in new condition. One set of 2 Charcoal panels available, 3" X 24" X 24" per panel.


Portable Studiofoam DeskMaXTM panels mount to the provided desktop stands and can be used in any application where a boundary mounted acoustical treatment is not desired. This product features semi-reflective back surfaces and can be used in podcasts, recording studios, classrooms and home offices. 

NOTE: Only 1 Box Remaining! Please do not select Quantities greater than 1 as your order will not be honored!

CLEARANCE Seal For Soundproofing Outlet & Light Boxes
CLEARANCE Seal For Soundproofing Outlet & Light Boxes

CLEARANCE ITEM - Note, these Electric Box Seals are fully functional, however it is slightly compromised cosmetically due to transit. Minimum quantities available. For complete product with choice of design, see our Seal for Soundproofing Outlet & Light Boxes.

The Electric Box Seal is a specially molded fire resistant neoprene seal for outlet boxes. It is a gasket that fills the gaps between the cover plate (not included) and the wall surface to seal a common weak point in sound and air flow and significantly improves the STC performance of the outlet and recepticle.

*Important Note Regarding Duplex Designs: Designs marked with an * are NOT compatible with Cooper Wall Plates. They will fit all other standardized NEMA devices. For Cooper Duplex Receptacles an alternate design can be purchased through our office. A minimum purchase will be required.