Joist Gasket Tape

Soundproofing Joist Gasket Tape is applied to the top of the floor joists acting as a buffer between the joists and sub floor. This dramatically decreases impact sound from footsteps and eliminates floor squeaking that usually occurs when the subfloor rubs against the joists.

Joist gasket tape can also be used on ceiling and wall studs as a decoupler between the studs and drywall. This will not be a real decoupling as the drywall is still attached directly to the studs, however as per many of our large contractors that use this product, it reduces sound and gives the entire room a "softer" feel.

Additionaly this tape when used on walls/ceiling joists between exterior/interior will greatly enhance the thermal rating by blocking heat/cold transfer between drywall and studs.

Rolls are 100 feet long, available in various widths and are in stock for same day shipping.

Calculations: Figure about 90 percent of the square footage of your area for the amount of lineal feet.


Joist Gasket Tape- Choice of Widths
Joist Gasket Tape- Choice of Widths
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Joist Gasketing Comfort and Silence Tape is applied to floor joists to damp impact sound and eliminate floor squeaks. They can also be used on wall and ceiling joists to enhance sound control.

Pre-cut to standard joist widths in new construction - Available in 1-7/16", 2-1/4" and 3" Widths.

SOLD BY THE ROLL: 100’ Long Per Roll