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Doors are an area of frustration when it comes to soundproofing. Besides for soundproofing the door there is an issue of sound leaking (heavily) through the large gap under the door and the smaller gaps along the sides and top. We offer a variety of rubber seals and gasketing to combat this problem and to give your doors and windows a professional sound seal so that your door retains it's true STC rating.

Click here for detailed instruction on How To Soundproof a Door.

  • Door Bottoms - We accomplish the sealing of the large gap under the door by using automatic door bottoms that drop a heavy seal upon the closing of the door and raise the seal when opening the door. Browse our variety of soundproof door bottoms to find the one that fits your needs.
  • Door Gasket - These gaskets provide a tight seal around the jambs and header of the door when it is closed so that no sound can leak through. We have standard and heavy duty gaskets.
  • Door Thresholds - When necessary the saddle under the door can add extensive sound control on it's own or in conjunction with a door bottom. We carry sound control saddles and flat saddles/thresholds.

Our Sound Control Automatic Door Bottoms, Thresholds and Gaskets are in stock at pre cut sizes. Ships within 1 business day and is easily trimmable on site (see installation tab on product page). Custom sizes are available through contacting customer service.

Read here on how to measure for an Automatic Door Bottom.

For an in-depth look at installation, be sure to read Smart Installation.

Door Soundproofing

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200 lb. - Cam Lift Hinge
300 lb. - Cam Lift Hinge
500 lb. - Heavy Duty Cam Lift Hinge
900 lb. - Super Duty Cam Lift Hinge
Acoustical Window and Door Lite Treatment for Existing Windows
Astragal Surface Mounted - Adjustable
Automatic Door Bottom - Basic
Automatic Door Bottom - Mortised
Door Panel Sound Barrier
Double Astragal with Neoprene Bulb Seal
Double Astragal with Neoprene Lip Seal
Heavy Duty Automatic Door Bottom
Heavy Duty High Sound Automatic Door Bottom
Heavy Duty, High Sound, Automatic Door Bottom, Mortised
Mortised Adjustable Astragal Set with Neoprene Seal
Mortised Astragal with Neoprene Seal
Single Astragal with Sponge Neoprene Seal
Single Astragal with Sponge Neoprene Seal, Thin
Soundproof Door Saddle 1/2" Height
Soundproof Door Saddle 1/8" Height