TM Soundproofing Mass Loaded Vinyl

Full line of Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV). Half, 1 and 2 pound Mass Loaded Vinyl in a variety of sizes is in stock and ready to ship.

Mass Loaded Vinyl was and still is an industry leader in adding heavy mass to your floors, walls, ceilings and structures. Mass is a critical component in sound control and works by simply stopping sound from being able to vibrate the structure due to its heavy weight. MLV is still a favorite among many studio builders, contractors etc. We offer you an extensive line of different sizes and weights of Mass Loaded Vinyl at wholesale pricing.

Our MLV is manufactured in the USA from Virgin Material and is virtually odorless.

1/2LB MLV - 1/16" thick and weighs .5 pounds per square ft. STC Rating of 20. Best used on pipes, curtains and other light applications.

1LB MLV - 1/8" thick and weighs 1 pound per square ft. STC Rating of 26. Best used in floors, walls and ceilings.

2LB MLV - 1/4" thick and weighs 2 pound per square ft. STC Rating of 33. Best used in floors, walls, ceilings and outdoor fences.

Need a large amount of MLV? Give us a call at 845-388-1200 for a custom wholesale quote.

Mass Loaded Vinyl

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1LB Mass Loaded Vinyl, 4' x 10', 40 Square Ft.
1LB Mass Loaded Vinyl - 4' x 25', 100 Square Ft.
2LB Mass Loaded Vinyl, 4' x 25', 100 Square Ft.
1LB MLV - 4.5' x 30', 135 Square Ft.
1/2LB MLV, 4' x 50', 200 Sq. Ft.
1LB Reinforced MLV - 4.5' x 30', 135 Sq. Ft.
1LB PSA Backed MLV, 4' x 25', 100 Sq. Ft.
Noise Damping Pipe and Duct Wrap
1/2LB MLV, 4.5' x 25', 112.5 Sq. Ft.
Premium Carpet Underlayment
PVC Tape