How to Measure for an Automatic Door Bottom

There are 3 types of Automatic Door Bottoms:

Surface Mounted:
Mounted flush to the
front of the door
How To Measure for An Automatic Door Bottom-Surface Mounted
Semi Mortised:
Mounted into the notch out
on face of door.
How to Measure for An Automatic Door Bottom- Semi-Mortised
Mounted into notch out
on bottom of door.
How to Measure for An Automatic Door Bottom - Mortised

If in doubt, order a larger size.  All our door bottoms can be trimmed 2-3 inches using a chop saw. Click here for ADB Installation Instructions.

 Surface Mounted

Automatic Door Bottoms:

Measure between the 2 stop moldings that are on your door jambs (stop molding is the little wood piece that sticks out in the middle of your door frame that your door closes onto).

Then deduct 1/4 of an inch and that is your measurement.

How To Measure for An Automatic Door Bottom - Surface Mounted 
When used in conjunction with a 

Jamb and Header/

Perimeter Gasketing, 

consider the extra width of the door stop and jamb gasket.
You can find the widths of the gaskets under the "Product Data" tab of each particular sound rated door gasket sold on our site.
How to Measure for an Automatic Door Bottom

Semi Mortised and

Mortised Automatic

Door Bottoms:

Measure the door from side to side; that is the same size you need for your automatic door bottom, there is no difference if you are using a door gasket or not.
How To Measure for An Automatic Door Bottom - Semi-Mortised and Mortised

How to Measure for An Automatic Door Bottom -

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Customers Questions and Answers

1) Richie: A couple questions for you. The two doors I Am considering getting the fully mortised door bottoms for are 24" and 28" long. I know that the door bottoms can be trimmed, but it says just 3-6". Will the door bottoms work for my doors? Also, I plan to try just the door bottoms without the door seals or anything else. The doors shut pretty tight already, and I think this will be good enough for what I need. My question is. If I get these door bottoms and install them. Will I still be able to add the weather stripping for additional sound deadening? Or will the door bottom no longer fit properly once weather stripping is added? Finally, since the door fits tight already, will adding the weather stripping cause problems with the door shutting properly? Feel free to give me a call if its easier to talk about this. Thanks! Richie

Trademark Soundproofing Reply:

Hi Richie, For those sizes please order the custom size directly with a sales rep. We will cut them to your size. The mortised ADB do not get in the way and you can always add the weather stripping afterwards. Weather stripping can cause problems if the door is very tight. However you can use door gasketing which is installed onto the stop molding. They do a great job of sealing without getting in the way of the door opening or closing.

2) R Davis: I want to use a surface mounted automatic door bottom for an interior door. The floor is uniformly carpeted throughout the office. The gap between the door and the floor is 1 inch. Please advise what I can do to over come the gap.

Trademark Soundproofing Reply: You can add some wood furring to the bottom of your door first to bring the gap down to half inch or less and then install the automatic door bottom.

3) Sandra: We have just completed mounting the jamb gaskets and the ABD fit perfectly when the door was closed. After releasing the brass screw a bit, we can't get the door closed. It catches on the gasket jamb (doorknob side). It seems the brass screw pushes the door out along the hinges. What can we do?

Trademark Soundproofing Reply: If you had to release the brass nut because the rubber was not being pushed down far enough than you probably have to trim your automatic door bottom a bit. Trim the side opposite the brass nut. It is hollow and easy to trim.

4) Amanda: Hi there. I'm looking to soundproof my basement fire door. There is a hollow bottom allowable for a mortised automatic door bottom, but this isn't anything I've ever done before. I'm looking to soundproof this door as my upstairs neighbours are loud and ignorant. Ha. There is already soundproof drywall throughout the house, so this should be able to be achieved with soundproof door gasket/seal and an automatic door bottom (right?) I don't see much on your site in regard to fire doors for the automatic door bottoms, so how are they actually installed on fire doors? If you could please walk me through this process, I would be forever grateful. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.

Trademark Soundproofing Reply: We have automatic door bottoms that into the groove at the bottom of metal doors. Please call the office for details.

5) Godwin E: hello, am producing a double leaf door tobar, how will I treat the point where the two door leaves meet, considering also the fact that our purpose mainly is to prevent musical noise from getting into the lobby. Best Regards, Godwin E

Trademark Soundproofing Reply:

You have to use what is called an Astragel. See here

6) Pattie T: I have a double door without a mullion. Would this work well on this door being that the same door is not always opened first?

Trademark Soundproofing Reply:

Yes it would. With double doors there is usually a very small gap where the 2 automatic door bottoms meet in the middle. You can fix that with an astragel.