TM Soundproofing Mass Loaded Vinyl 1/2LB - Mass Loaded Vinyl

1/16" thick and weighing 1/2 pound per square foot, Mass Loaded Vinyl is the perfect material for adding mass to your walls without compromising on space. MLV is also the sound control material of choice to use under carpet when a noise problem exists between a floor/ceiling in an existing home and adding drywall with green glue to the ceiling underneath is not an option. Additionally you can wrap MLV around noisy pipes to significantly reduce noise transfer.

Our 1/2 LB Mass Loaded Vinyl has an STC of 20 when hanging by itself and is the same material and fire rated as the other brand names so that you can comply with architectural specifications at our low price.

For a heavier MLV, see our 1LB per square foot MLV.
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1/2LB - Mass Loaded Vinyl

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1/2LB Mass Loaded Vinyl
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