TM Soundproofing Mass Loaded Vinyl 1LB Mass Loaded Vinyl

One pound Mass Loaded Vinyl is 1/8" thick and weighs one pound per square foot. It is the perfect material for adding mass to your walls, floors, and ceilings without compromising on space. Additionally the flexibibility of the 1 pound MLV allows you to wrap MLV around noisy pipes to significantly reduce noise transfer.

Our 1 LB Mass Loaded Vinyl is fire rated, manufactured in the USA from virgin material, no odor and has an STC of 26 when hanging by itself. It is the same material and the same ratings as many brand names so that you can comply with architectural specifications at our low price.

Trademark Soundproofing offers you a variety of sizes and optiopns for the one pound MLV, see below for details. Discounted pricing applies on multiple rolls of mass loaded vinyl see product page for details.

For a heavier MLV, see 2LB per square foot MLV.

1LB Mass Loaded Vinyl

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1 LB Mass Loaded Vinyl
1 LB. Foil Faced Fire Rated MLV, 135 Sq. Ft.
1LB Reinforced MLV - 4.5' x 30', 135 Sq. Ft.
1LB PSA Backed MLV, 4' x 25', 100 Sq. Ft.
PVC Tape