1LB PSA Backed MLV, 4' x 25', 100 Sq. Ft.

1LB PSA Backed MLV, 4' x 25', 100 Sq. Ft.

Preassure Sensitive Adheisive Backed Mass Loaded Vinyl boosts soundproofing performance of ceilings, walls, and floors by adding mass and preventing structure from vibrating.

Peel and Stick Self-Adhesive Backing ensures easy application. 4’ x 25’ Roll with total coverage of 100 square feet. 1/8” thickness, weighing 1 lb. per square foot.

Quantity discounts begin at 4 rolls, see below for details.

Price: $329.99
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Made in USA
Weight 105.00 lbs
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4-9 Items $309.99
10-19 Items $279.99
20+ Items $259.99


  • PSA Backed MLV - Ensures easy application on smooth, hard surfaces
  • 4' x 25' Roll, Total: 100 square feet
  • 1/8" Thickness
  • 1 LB per square foot
  • 26 STC Rating (See Product Data tab for more details)

1LB PSA Backed MLV is Best Used For:

  • PSA will apply easily to smooth, hard surfaces
  • Primarily used for pipes, walls and ceilings
  • Can be used under carpets to soundproof the room below
  • Can be wrapped around noisy pipes

How Much Do I Need:

Measure the square footage of the area that will need to be covered to determine amount needed. It is recommended to add an additional 10% to compensate for waste and overlapping of seams between studs.

Special discounted pricing applied when ordering 4 rolls or more. See above for details.

Additional Products to Consider:

FREE SHIPPING! Shipping is included in the price, see Shipping and Returns information to the right.

Product Data

Product Specs

Click to Print Mass Loaded Vinyl MSDS

Click to Print Mass Loaded Vinyl Product Data Sheets

What is Mass Loaded Vinyl:

Mass Loaded Vinyl adds mass to your walls, ceilings, floors, pipes...etc without compromising on space. It provides instant mass with damping to any location. By adding mass to an existing structure, soundproofing properties are significantly boosted, since soundwaves cannot vibrate the structure easily.

Our 1 lb. Mass Loaded Vinyl has an STC of 26 when hanging by itself. It is the same material and has the same fire rating as other brand names in the field, ensuring compliance with architectural specifications at our low price. 

Physical Properties:

Transmission Loss of MLV:

Transmission Loss of MLV

Material Data:

Installation Guide

Click to Print Mass Loaded Vinyl Wall Installation Guide.

Mass Loaded Vinyl can be applied to walls, ceilings, floors and structures to create a sound barrier. Mass is a critical component in sound control and works by simply stopping sound from being able to vibrate the structure due to its heavy weight.

Please read through the installation guide before installing your MLV.


Figure 1- How to Install MLV  

Measure your wall from top to bottom. Deduct 1/8” – 1/4” from total height.

Unroll your MLV on the floor. With a utility knife, use a straight edge ruler to cut a square edge evenly through the MLV. {See Figure 1}

You do not need to cut through the material fully, once it is scored, it will come apart easily.

The MLV can also be cut with a heavy duty scissor.


Figure 1- How to Install MLV   For superior soundproofing results, use Acoustical Outlet Backer Putty Pad around all electrical outlets and other obstacles. {See Figure 2}


Figure 1- How to Install MLV  

This step requires the work of two people.

The MLV is applied over the fiberglass installation and beneath the sheetrock.

With the help of another, hold the MLV in place, starting at the upper corner of the wall. Ensure the sheet is straight

along the ceiling and is evenly spaced between the floor and ceiling {See Figure 3}

Fasteners: Any type of fastener will work (especially if the MLV will be covered with drywall) we suggest roofing nails or screws

with washers, however you can also use a pneumatic cap stapler.

Figure 1- How to Install MLV   Placement: Place fasteners every 8” along the top and bottom plate {See Figure 4} and down the length of the stud.



Be careful not to cover electrical outlets boxes. It is best to expose the outlets boxes as you install each length of MLV.

Find the electrical box in your wall and gently press the MLV against the box. Using a razor blade carefully cut the

opening along the edges of the box. Keep this hole tight as possible to the electrical box so that you maintain

a good seal. {See Figure 5}

Any extra gaps can be filled with Acoustical Caulk.

Continue as above until your entire wall or ceiling is covered in MLV.


Figure 1- How to Install MLV  

Where MLV seams fall on a stud, butt pieces against one another on the stud and fasten into place. You can add a strip of

PVC Tape on the seam. {See Figures 6 and 7}

We highly recommend that you end all MLV seams on a stud, as free hanging seams may come apart with time.

Figure 1- How to Install MLV    
Figure 1- How to Install MLV   Where MLV seams falls between studs, overlap pieces by 2" and tape seams with PVC Tape or similar tap. {See Figure 8}
Figure 1- How to Install MLV   Notch the ends to lay flat. {See Figure 9}

Once all strips of MLV have been applied, drywall can be installed above it and you can be ensured a sound-secure structure! For more information about MLV, contact us or call us at 845-352-3200. 

Shipping & Returns
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  • Shipping:
    • Please allow 2-3 business days to ship.
    • FREE SHIPPING! - Applies to orders shipped within the USA (excluding Alaska and Hawaii).
    • Ships FedEx Ground, or Truck Freight for multiple rolls.
  • Returns:
    • This product is not eligible for returns.
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Customers Questions and Answers

1) Verla R: What does "PSA" mean? Why torture prospective buyers with geek talk like that?

Trademark Soundproofing Reply: PSA stands for Pressure Sensitive Adhesive. Meaning it has a sticky back to it. Will have it changed spelled out at least once in the description. Thanks.

2) moises: Can this be applied over existing drywall in a wall?., Is it possible to finish the wall by applying 1/2" drywall glued to the MLV?

Trademark Soundproofing Reply: Yes this can be applied onto existing drywall. We don't think the new drywall would hold up properly with glue alone and would suggest that you mechanically fasten it to the joists.

3) Kevin.Doh: Hi I'm Kevin work in .. which is piping insulation contract of Shell. I'm searching MLV with Self adhesive type and expected amount is 100 rolls. Please send me your proposal back. Thanks.

Trademark Soundproofing Reply: Hi Kevin. Someone from our sales department will be contacting you shortly with special pricing. Thank you.

4) Bob G: Does this product come in color choices? Is it waterproof? Thanks, Bob

Trademark Soundproofing Reply: Hi Bob. Black only (on very large orders 100,000 sf and more we can do custom colors). It is PVC bases and very water resistant however we do not have official testing to say that it is waterproof.

5) Greg M: Is there any way to get 1/2 of a roll? This is 2X more than I need.

Trademark Soundproofing Reply: You can choose a 4 x 10 or 4 x 4 roll from the dropdown.

6) Bill: If I want to attach this 1LB MLV onto my door will the PSA be strong enough to hold it?

Trademark Soundproofing Reply: If it is one continuous smooth surface than yes.

7) Matt: How well does your MLV PSA 1lb/sq.ft. work for sound deadening in an automobile?

Trademark Soundproofing Reply:

The 1 lb MLV is very popular in automobiles and we receive a lot of positive feedback on that application from customers. You can read some of the customer reviews on this page under the "review" tab. https://www.tmsoundproofing.com/1-LB-Mass-Loaded-Vinyl.html

8) Aaron B: I see this product is PSA backed, but on the installation guide it doesn't mention how to apply it. Is it as simple as applying some pressure and it will stick?

Trademark Soundproofing Reply: Yes as simple as that.