TM Soundproofing Door Soundproofing Saddles and Thresholds

Doorway Saddles are a vital component in many soundproofing projects. Gaps under a door must be sealed for proper sound control, with the ideal space being 3/8 of an inch (and not more than 3/4 of an inch). Some doors have gaps of an inch or more.

We recommend sealing door gaps with an Automatic Door Bottom, however, you will not get a proper seal when you have carpet or any uneven floor surface beneath the door. A Doorway Saddle will remedy this situation by shrinking the gap and by creating a solid surface for your automatic door bottom to close onto. Even with a perfectly aligned floor surface, customers tend to take a saddle together with a door bottom to ensure the best possible seal.

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Saddles and Thresholds

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Soundproof Door Saddle 1/2" Height
Soundproof Door Saddle 1/8" Height
Utility Door Threshold 1/2" Height
Utility Door Threshold 1/4" Height