Sound Absorber

Sound Absorber

Sound absorber panels add absorption to all areas with hard surfaces as it reduces reflection of sound waves and reverberant noise energy. Made from high-quality, UV resistant VCP faced fiberglass sewn with Exterior grade Gore Tenera thread for long-lasting, exceptional acoustic performance in all weather conditions. Used as stage and rehearsal blanket. Can be used to absorb outdoor noise reflections.


  • Exterior grade, UV resistant, Heavy-Duty, VCP faced quilted fiberglass absorber without a sound barrier.
  • Sewn with Exterior Grade, Gore Tenera thread
  • 10+ years lifespan
  • Low frequency sound absorption
  • Comply with Neighborhood Noise Ordinances

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Made in USA

Our Heavy Duty Sound Absorbers offer superior sound absorption by reducing the noise built up in the environment.   Sound absorbers are made from UV protected porous, sound absorbing VCP material (Vinyl Coated Polyester) on both sides of a 2" thick fiberglass.  Panels are weather resistant and durable to maximize efficiency and product lifespan. 

Sound Absorber panels are recommended for all areas where sound absorption is needed but a noise barrier is not required.  They provide a soft, sound absorptive surface to hard, reflective surfaces.  Recommended uses are for enclosing HVAC equipment, dust collectors or similar machinery behind a manufacturing plant, where UV and abuse resistance are a necessity.

For a similar product with a noise barrier added in for additional acoustic performance, please see our Sound Curtain-Heavy Duty, Permanent Applications

Panels are available in three convenient sizes of 48"x96", 48"x108" and 48"x144".  Panels have top and bottom grommets (and middle if over 8') attached for easy installation and modification.  Product can also be ordered as a full roll of 4'x25'.  Full rolls do not have grommets and have all edges bound with matching edging. 


  • Permanent Concrete Enclosures
  • Stage Blanket
  • Band Rehearsal Blanket
  • Temporary Plywood Barriers
  • Solid Wood Fences
  • Concrete Wall Structures
  • HVAC equipment


  • Exterior grade, weather resistant facing on both sides of a 2" thick fiberglass absorber.
  • Fabricated with top and bottom grommets (and middle if over 8') for easy installation and modification.
  • Class A flammability rating, temperature range -40° to +180° Faranheit.
  • 10+ years lifespan
  • Superior low frequency sound absorption, complies with Neighborhood Noise Ordinances.
  • NRC rating .75

How To Order:

Sound Absorber panels are available in three convenient sizes  of 48"x96", 48"x108" or 48"x144".  Sound Absorber panels can be ordered in full bound rolls of 48"x25' or can be custom ordered to size through our office.  Panels are available in black, tan and gray.  Standard panels come with top and bottom grommets (and middle if over 8'), when ordering a full roll, grommets are not included.  

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For additional sound absorbing panels, please see our Sound Curtains and Door Panel Sound Barriers.  

Product Data

Acoustical Performance:

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Sound Absorber Acoustical Performance

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Customers Questions and Answers

1) Maggie R: Can this be used to build a wall to block noise made by inconsiderate neighbors who built a pool and like their music loud? This email may be a duplicate of one sent recently - but am looking forward to hearing back from you. Thanks so much, Maggie

Trademark Soundproofing Reply: Yes it can (keep in mind that sound will still come over the top however you will still receive a large amount of sound reduction. The sound curtains with a barrier will be even better.

2) Glenn: Hi Looking for panels to hang under our 30" deep roof eves to help absorb reflected road noises... Can these be painted without affecting performance? Even though under the eves some rain and moisture may get on them. Can they handle some moisture? Thanks Glenn

Trademark Soundproofing Reply: These have an exterior grade covering and can can handle some moisture. We don't recommend painting them, however one coat of water or latex based paint should be OK. More than one layer will damage acoustic properties.

3) Donna: I am thinking of hanging them in my lanai from a heavy duty curtain rod to block pool noise from next door. How many grommets are in the 4' end? Can we request more grommets so that it hangs and folds up like a curtain?

Trademark Soundproofing Reply: Hi Donna. Yes you can request a custom layout of grommets on this. Give us a call at 845-388-1200 or email