RSIC-SI-CRC Clip with Spring Isolator, Ceiling Soundproofing

RSIC-SI-CRC Clip with Spring Isolator, Ceiling Soundproofing

RSIC-SI-CRC combines a CRC clip with a rubber encased spring isolator clip, engineered for full 1" deflection. 

  • Drop ceiling applications
  • Variety of weight capacities
  • Can add up to 5 IIC points, over installations using standard RSIC clips.
  • Can be used on wood, steel and concrete applications (with modification.)


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Weight 1.60 lbs

RSIC-SI-CRC clip is engineered to create a drop ceiling with 1" deflection. Designed to hold 1.5" -16 gauge cold rolled channel. Ceiling can be applied directly to channel or additional clips like the RSIC-CRC Clips,, RSIC-1 Clips and Furring Channels can be added. See Product Data Tab for more information.

Product Options: Available in 10 Lb., 20 Lb., 40 Lb., 80 Lb., 120 Lb. and 160 Lb. versions. The 80, 120 and 160 Lbs. isolators allow for spacing at 48" x 48" oc supporting 2,3 or 4 layers of 5/8" gypsum goard. The 10, 20 and 40 Lbs. isolators may be used for single layer ceilings, edge or corner isolation.

Applications: For new and retrofit construction. Can be used in wood and steel framed systems, or concrete with the addition of the RSICSI overhead adapter (sold separately.)

RSIC-SI-CRC Specifications:

  • Acoustical Design Load: 5 Lbs. - 160 Lbs.
  • Cavity Minimum: 1"
  • Cavity Maximum: 9"
  • Adjument Limit: 6"
  • Use on Ceilings: Yes
  • Use on Walls: No
  • See Product Data Sheet for more information.


  • Reduces vibrations as low as 5 hz.
  • Can add up to 5 IIC points over installations using standard RSIC clips. 
  • Engineered for full 1" spring deflection.
  • Can be used alone or in combination with RSIC-1 or RSIC-CRC clips.

Materials: 1/4 x 20 threaded rod which allows for several mounting systems. Rubber bushings dampen the spring for highest acoustical performance.

Installation: Product comes fully assembled and pre-calibrated for ease of installation. See Installation Tab above for additional information.

Product Data

Printable Documents:

Click to print Product Specs for RSIC-SI-CRC Spring Isolator Clip.

Click to print Product Testing for RSIC-SI-CRC Spring Isolator Clip.

How it Works:

RSIC Clips are used in the process of decoupling walls and/or ceilings from the joists or studs, creating what is called a floating wall or ceiling. Decoupling the wall or ceiling helps create a soundproof environment in two ways, by breaking the path and creating resiliency. The RSIC-SI-CRC clips combine a CRC clip with a rubber bushing encased spring to maximize acoustical performance. 

In wall assemblies, the Clips are generally spaced every 48” OC, making the contact between the studs and boards minimal. This break in the path greatly reduces the amount of noise that travels from one side to the other in two ways. Firstly, there is no direct connection for sound to travel via the joists as the wall/ceiling is disconnected. Secondly, the wall and ceiling are given resiliency (flexibility), thus greatly reducing vibration (similar to shock springs on a car).


RSIC-SI-CRC Dimensions    RSIC-SI-CRC Dimensions

Product Specifications:

RSIC-SI-CRC Product Specs

Product Testing:

Below are IIC and STC ratings obtained in an installation using RSIC-SI-CRC Clips on a concrete ceiling application. 

RSIC-SI-CRC Testing  RSIC-SI-CRC Testing

Sample Applications:

Can be used in conjunction with RSIC-CRC Clips and RSIC-1 Clips.

RSIC-SI-CRC Sample Applications with RSIC-CRC Clip

Installation Guide

Click to view and print RSIC-SI-CRC Installation Instructions.

Sample Layouts:

RSIC-SI-CRC Sample Layout

RSIC-SI-CRC Sample Layout

RSIC-SI-CRC Installation

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