RSIC 1.5" Cold Rolled Channel Clips for Drop Ceiling

RSIC 1.5" Cold Rolled Channel Clips for Drop Ceiling

The RSIC-1.5” CRC® Clip is designed for use with any joist or concrete application where a dropped drywall ceiling is required. This assembly combines a 1.5” CRC Clip with a Hat Channel System to decouple the Gypsum Board from the floor structure above, giving the assembly enhanced acoustical performance, while allowing for a chase to hide mechanical ducting and plumbing lines.


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The RSIC-1.5” CRC® Clip is designed for use with any joist or concrete application where a dropped drywall ceiling is required.

Product Features:

  • 1.5" CRC Clip combines with a standard RSIC 1 Clip and Hat Channel System to decouple the gypsum board from the floor structure above
  • Drop ceiling creates a chase to hide mechanical ducting and plumbing lines
  • Compatible with 1.5" Cold Rolled Channel

RSIC 1.5" CRC Specifications:

  • Acoustical Design Load: 36 Lbs.
  • Cavity Minimum: 3.5"
  • Cavity Maximum: No Limit
  • Adjustment Limit: Length of Wire
  • Use on Ceilings: Yes
  • See Product Data Sheet for more information.

How Many Do I Need?

  • For a tight estimate, when spaced at 48" x 24": Take the square footage of the area to be treated and divide by 5.
  • However, to compensate for being within 6" to the walls / ceilings, we have found that calculating 23% of your total square footage will give you a more accurate estimate.

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Product Data

How it Works:

RSIC Clips and Hat Channel Systems are used in the process of decoupling walls and/or ceilings from the joists, creating what is called a floating wall or ceiling. Decoupling the wall or ceiling helps create a soundproof environment in two ways, by breaking the path and creating resiliency.

The Clips are generally spaced every 48” OC, making the contact between the studs and boards minimal. This break in the path greatly reduces the amount of noise that travels from one side to the other in two ways. Firstly, there is no direct connection for sound to travel via the joists as the wall/ceiling is disconnected. Secondly, the wall and ceiling are given resiliency (flexibility), thus greatly reducing vibration (similar to shock springs on a car).

Product Specs:

Click to Print Product Data Sheet

RSIC-CRC Clip Specs

Sample Product Assemblies:

Click to View / Print All Sample Assemblies

Suspended Ceiling Under Metal Deck Roof:

Sample Assembly of RSIC 1.5" CRC Clip in Suspended Ceiling Under Metal Roof



  • Metal Deck Roof
  • 3” Foiled Back Fiberglass Insulation Under Deck
  • Cold Rolled Steel Purlins
  • 1 1/2” Cold Rolled Channel (CRC) Suspended at 4’ o” OC
  • 3” Fiberglass Insulation Over Channels
  • RSIC 1.5” CRC Clip Acoustic Assembly Clipped to CRC at 2’ 0” OC
  • Hat Channels Attached to the RSIC 1.5” CRC Clip
  • Two 5/8” Gypsum Wallboard Sheet, Taped and Set
  • STC: 54

Dropped Ceiling Under Concrete Floor:

Sample Assembly of RSIC 1.5" CRC Clip in Dropped Ceiling Under Concrete Floor


  • 8” pt Slab, No Finish
  • 1.5” Cold Rolled Channel (CRC), Spaced at 48” OC
  • 6” Glass Fiber Insulation
  • RSIC 1.5” CRC Clip Snapped on to 1.5” CRC at 24” OC
  • One 5/8” Gypsum Board Layer
  • STC:73, IIC:52
Installation Guide

Click to Print Installation Guide for RSIC 1.5" CRC Clip

General Installation Information:


Compatible Cold Rolled Steel Channel for CRC Clip

Compatible Cold Rolled Channel:

  • Minimum Requirements: 16 gauge 1.5” wide.
    Meets or exceeds SSMA min.requirements.
  • Depth: 1/2 inch
  • Width: 1-1/2 inch wide minimum.


Compatible Hat Channel for CRC Clip

Compatible Hat / Furring Channel:

  • Minimum Requirements: 25 gauge, hemmed edge detail required on all 25 gauge furring channel. Meets or exceeds SSMA minimum requirements.
  • Depth: 7/8 inch
  • Width Bottom: 2-9/16” to 2-11/16” inch wide nominal.
  • Width Top: 1-1/4 inch wide
  • Splicing Information: Splice drywall furring channel (hat track) with 6 inchoverlap in mid span (between two clip) secure with 18 Ga tie wire, or two 7/16” framing screws.
  • Compatible Hat / Furring Channel can be purchased by selecting link.



General Information for RSIC- 1.5” CRC Clip

  • Spacing: Maximum 48 inches OC
  • Maximum Acoustical Design Load: 36 Lbs.

General Information for Hanger Wires on Cold Rolled Steel Joists:

  • Install hanger wire at not more than 48” on center.
  • Install the hanger wires so the hanger wires hang plumb, in a vertical plane with the 1-1/2” Cold Rolled Channel to not cause lateral force on the Cold Rolled Channel.
  • Install 1-1/2” Cold Rolled Channel at the elevation required using a double saddle tie. Change the side and direction of the double saddle tie on every other wire, so as to restrict the rollover effect on the Cold Rolled Channel.

Average Labor Rates:

  • RSIC-1.5 CRC Clip: 110 clips per man hour
  • Drywall Furring Channel: 550LF per man hour
    *Labor rates provided to PAC International, Inc by independent contracting firm.

Installation on Ceilings: One and Two Layer 5/8” Gypsum

  • RSIC-1.5 CRC Clips shall be 48 inches x 24” OC.
  • Connect the RSIC-1.5 CRC Clips to the cold rolled channel and ensure it is tight to the cold rolledchannel.
  • Locate the first row of RSIC-1.5 CRC clips within 8” of the wall at each end of a run.
  • Snap in the drywall furring channel (hat track) into the RSIC-1.5 CRC Clips.
  • Install the gypsum board to the drywall furring channel leaving a 1/4” min. gap around perimeterof the ceiling.
  • Caulk around the perimeter of the ceiling. Use fire and smoke rated acoustical sealant where required.

General Installation Information:

  • RSIC 1.5” CRC Clip, furring channel (hat track) and gypsum board assembly shall not carry heavyloads such as cabinets or bookshelves.
  • Seal all potential air leaks with non-hardening acoustical caulking to achieve best noise controlresults, such as our Acoustical Caulk.
  • When attaching the RSIC-1.5 CRC clips to a steel stud the minimum allowable thickness is 20 ga.(0.030). 3 fasteners are required to secure the RSIC-1.5 CRC to 25 ga framing.
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