Keeping The Peace with Trademark Soundproofing

The recent letters to the Coffee Room about soundproofing in general and Green Glue in particular have caught my attention. As the distributor of Green Glue, I commend the homeowner who was willing to try something new and reap the benefits.

At Trademark Soundproofing we know all about noise and privacy issues; we hear the complaints all the time. In fact, lack of privacy is the #1 reason people with completed homes make the call for Green Glue. Unfortunately, many people just sigh and learn to live with these issues. Subconsciously, or consciously, they are always on alert due to the noise leak between neighbors, and that is a very stressful way to live! Sometimes the problem is so bad that people simply stop using certain areas of their home.

Recently, a client called us. They had finished the garage under their master bedroom and made it into a beautiful suite so that their married children could come and stay there. The sound between the rooms was so loud that the children refused to stay there, so the suite was just sitting empty. We came in, removed the existing ceiling and installed Whisper Clips, Green Glue and Acoustical Caulk. The Results: Their kids are staying in the suite, and the client reports that they can’t even hear the baby screaming right under their bedroom.

Of course, it is a lot easier and less costly to do the work during construction of your home or basement. Soundproofing is something that should be taken into consideration when starting the plans for your home! At that point, simple things should be done, like not sharing walls where possible, building double‑stud walls, sealing doors with gasketing, etc.

However, without a doubt, the most cost‑

effective solution is applying a high‑quality damping compound like Green Glue (which has been tested to perform four times better than any competing product) to your walls/floors/ceiling.

In this short article it is not possible to go into detail about the different soundproofing techniques available. I will just share some general tips. You should install fiberglass (nothing fancier) in any area in which you are planning to control the sound. Then, if all you need is a tolerable level of sound control, a double layer of drywall with Green Glue in between will suffice.

However, if you are trying to achieve total privacy, you would need to install Whisper Clips and Green Glue or two layers of Green Glue (one on either side of the wall, or with three layers of drywall on a ceiling). Where footsteps are also of concern, you should try to utilize Whisper Clips. Of course, you still have to be on the lookout for flanking noise, but for that you would have to read the articles on our website (

Soundproofing has come a long way in the past five years. It is time to think beyond the standard fiberglass and soundboard (which only add minimal sound control. Ask your friends). You can achieve good to excellent results by planning ahead and using the right materials. Do your research, read up on it and then take a stand and firmly tell your builder how and what YOU would like installed in your project. Finally, be there during installation and make sure that everything is installed correctly.

We are always available to help you out at 845‑388-1200. The rewards for your efforts will pay off when you enjoy peace and serenity in your home!

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