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April 27, 2010

Exploring Soundproofing Materials: Vinyl

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Soundproofing materials can be confusing, so we’re going to take some time over the next couple of days to take a closer look at several of the most popular and talk about why they work (or not).

Vinyl materials, also formally known as mass loaded vinyl of MLV, are often used to block noise. Mass loaded vinyl works by adding density (or mass, or weight) to an area, making it hard for sound to pass through.

The problem with using MLV in soundproofing is that it really doesn’t weigh a lot at all – maybe 1-2 lbs per square foot. That means MLV will work well if you have a small sound problem, but not if you’re fighting a very loud noise, or one with a strong frequency.

See all the different Mass Loaded Vinyl Options hereĀ http://www.tmsoundproofing.com/mass-loaded-vinyl.html

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