Let’s try to keep it quiet! Comments and Sound Ideas on SoundProofing your home or business

September 19, 2019

It has been awhile…..

It’s been a while since we last blogged and were glad to be back!

By now you are sure to have seen our updated website clear and concise and by now you are aware of our popular You tube channel. Additionally we have added lots of new products so browse around and take a look. One particular product which i am very excited to bring to your attention is the LED surface mounted lights. Soundproofing ceilings always had to compromise when we wanted to install recessed lights as those would be cutting a hole right thru the soundproofing. Not anymore! With these lights you get a similar, and some may say nicer, look than a recessed light without compromising the soundproofing. Why is that? Because these are installed using a simple junction box, also known as a “J box” which can be wrapped in an acoustical putty pad, additionally you do not need to cut more than a hole for the wires to go in and out while the light itself is fastened to the surface of the finished soundproofed ceiling.

July 11, 2017

Concrete Ceilings/Floors

Surprisingly to many people concrete is not soundproof (or at least not as soundproof as people believe it to be).

So you want to decouple the ceiling however just adding resilient sound clips with drywall is not enough as you will not have the basic component of insulation there. Therefore we suggest that you first fur out the ceiling to allow for at least 2 inches of mineral wool and then add your resilient sound clips to the furring strips. This will also make for a much easier installation of the clips rather than having to fasten them to concrete especially if you are using our highly recommended Whisper Clips that require two screws per clip.

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