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July 9, 2014

Soundproofing Mistakes to Avoid – Part 1

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sound2Soundproofing a home, office, or any other space definitely takes time, but it definitely isn’t very difficult. A little bit of research as well as some cost-effective soundproofing materials can go a very long way.

That said, a simple search on the web for soundproofing advice will bring you to quite a bit of junk and bad advice. The following are 5 very common mistakes you can bypass from the start. (more…)

July 2, 2014

In the News: Chicago Prepares to Install Noise Monitors

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airplaneAirports are one of the most common causes of noise complaints we hear, especially in major hubs around the country. Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport is certainly no exception.

Those who live under flight paths are constantly battling their cities and the airports for help with soundproofing their homes. The close proximity of planes that are taking off and landing creates both unbearable noise and uncontrollable vibration. The type of soundproofing needed extends beyond a DIY job with some Green Glue, though we certainly wish it were that easy.  (more…)

June 25, 2014

What NOT To Do: DIY Acoustic Foam

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We know that people are constantly looking for inexpensive alternatives to soundproofing. The materials seem expensive but compared to the cost of doing something incorrectly and having to pay to do it again, you’re really not going to break the budget to do things right the first time.

This young man is encouraging people to use cut up mattress toppers attached to their walls to help absorb sound – in his case, in his home music studio. His ideas of making sure the floors are carpeted are good, but – cut up mattress toppers? (more…)

June 11, 2014

Is Noise Detrimental to Your Health?

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Regular, everyday noise is a part of life. We talk, drive, work, and move about the world while constantly exposed. Studies are beginning to show, however, that constant exposure to loud noises can definitely have a negative impact on your overall health.

Go figure.

Why? According to Penn Current, your “ears do not sleep.” Even when you are asleep, they are able to hear the sounds around you. It doesn’t help that all of the sounds you hear, awake or asleep, seem to be getting louder and louder. Car alarms, clock alarms, televisions, car horns, trains, dogs, construction workers – they’re all out there. You’re constantly surrounded. It never stops. (more…)

June 4, 2014

Home Office Soundproofing Solutions

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Working from home seems like a dream to many. It doesn’t matter if you have the ability to work in a remote location for a major corporate employer or if you’re working for yourself on a freelance basis. Not having to get dressed and fight traffic in the morning is something a lot of people strive for.

Until, of course, they realize how noisy their homes actually are during the day. We’re talking about daytime traffic, radios, lawn mowers, conversations, construction work, dogs, and a myriad of other noise sources – all of which are distracting you from your work. So what can you do? (more…)

March 21, 2011

Installing Whisper Clips

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Every type of soundproofing project requires a different type of solution. If you aren’t planning to use Green Glue, you may be planning to use whisper clips instead. While they take a bit more effort, whisper clips are also very easy to use and install. Here’s another video we created to show you how easy they are to install.

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March 18, 2011

Green Glue Application is Easy

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Have you been seriously considering using Green Glue in your next soundproofing project but aren’t sure you can handle the installation? The good news is that Green Glue is incredibly easy to install. We created the following video to show you just how simple the installation can be. Check it out for yourself!

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March 7, 2011

DIY Soundproofing

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There are dozens of incredible ways to go about soundproofing a home or room. In this video, Arthur Noxon from Acoustic Sciences talks about some of the ways you can pull off a do-it-yourself soundproofing project.

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While he’s got some great ideas, we recommend checking out some mass loaded vinyl or Green Glue. They’re both inexpensive methods of soundproofing and are very easy to use.

Check it out:

February 16, 2011

Impact Noise Woes

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We occasionally scour the Q&A boards to see what people are saying about their noise problems. The other day we came across a posting from a young man who was having trouble with his new, young neighbors. While he wished that talking to his neighbors would do the trick, nothing seems to work. His only options now involve soundproofing.

This isn’t a bad thing, but the choices he makes will be critical to his success. He was considering using some dense fiber matting and plaster boards to do the job – but he explained a process that seemed more than a little complex. Others suggested using wall hangings and one went as far as telling him to consult an engineer. Wow!

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Our recommendations? Green Glue or mass loaded vinyl. You really can’t go wrong with either – in technique or in price.

February 4, 2011

Creating a Sound Barrier

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This is a quick computer generated video but it’ll show you exactly what type of plan a person might use if he wanted to create a sound barrier with an outside fence. We hear complaints about outside noise all the time, so it is important to understand that while you can’t mute mother nature, you do have options for reducing the sound that enters your yard or home. This particular example shows how they plan on using mass loaded vinyl.

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