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May 22, 2009

Flanking Noise Paths

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Flanking noise is noise that gets into a room via means other than through the ceiling or walls. While they’re not always easy to identify they can have a huge impact on the amount of sound that enters a room.

Have you been walking around your house, apartment, or condo trying to figure out why you’re still getting a significant amount of noise in a room that should otherwise be quiet? Consider the following:

  • Is the noise coming from the floor framing system beneath your wall flanking path?
  • Is the noise coming from ceiling joists from an upstairs room or attic that sits above more than one lower room?
  • Is the noise coming from a side stud wall that attaches your apartment or condo unit to a neighboring unit?

There are, of course, other possible flanking noise paths to consider but these are some of the main ones and should be amongst the first you look for as you attempt to identify the source of the noise in your home.

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