Let’s try to keep it quiet!

July 15, 2009

Can I Soundproof My Boat?

If you’re lucky enough to have a speedboat, yacht, or cabin cruiser than you’ll probably want to take the time to soundproof the interior just a little bit. Who wants to be aroused from a seaborne nap in the cabin by the sound of the incredibly loud marine diesel engine or by the sound of the waves slapping on the side of the hull? Why not enjoy your time on the sea as much as possible?

Soundproofing a boat is easier than you might think. The main source of noise is, of course, the engine compartment. With that in mind you’ll want to adhere some mass loaded vinyl to the inside walls of the engine compartment. You can get it to stick by using some sort of contact cement or, for added effect, another acoustical product like Green Glue. Whatever you do, make sure the products you choose to use are waterproof.

To finish off the project you’ll simply have to apply some acoustical caulk around the seams and perimeter of the vinyl. Make sure you let your work dry completely before putting the boat in the water. The soundproofing effects garnered by just this little bit of work will prove astounding.

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