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March 19, 2009

Creating the Floating Ceiling

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In this article we will try to discuss the techniques involved in creating a floating ceiling and for that matter a floating wall. This a practical article that deals strictly with how to install process. Start by using Resilient Sound Clips, there are a few professional grades that you may consider, including the Isomax clip manufactured by Kinetics, The RSC manufactured by PAC International and the Whisper Clip manufactured by the Green Glue Company. Our favorite soundproofing clip is the Whisper Clip due to the ease of installation and slightly better performance than it’s competition.

The first clip should be installed within 6″ from the wall (when installing a ceiling) the following one 48″ away which would be on the third stud on a standard sixteen inch on center framing. Meaning you would install one clip skip two studs and then install a 2nd clip on the 3rd stud. continue this pattern until you reach the opposite wall. Remember that you must install a clip within 6″ of the opposite wall as well which will sometimes be closer to the last clip than 48″. the next row should be started 24″ down from the first row, some people are worried that the clips won’t be able to support the weight in that case you can go 16″ on center, however twenty four inch on center will give the wall more resiliency thus enhancing the soundproofing capabilities of your ceiling. the first row of channels should not be more than 8 inches from the wall therefore your last row of clips may be closer than 24 inch on center. You will than run Hat Channel through your clips overlapping all joists by at least six inches and screwing together with self drilling sheet metal screws. Then raise your drywall into place and screw into channels using standard drywall screws. Caulk the perimeter and the seams using how quality acoustical caulk. This should give you an Sound Transmission Class rating of 60 and higher. You can add more to your walls and ceilings by adding another layer of drywall onto the first one and even more by smearing a high quality damping compound like green glue in between the two layers. This should give you a very strong idea as to the installation of floating walls and ceilings and to soundproofing a room.

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