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March 5, 2010

Soundproofing a Factory Office

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Most of the time we talk about soundproofing rooms within a home or even how to soundproof parts of your garage or yard. Today, however, we’d like to step out of the box a bit and take a look at the unique problems associated with soundproofing an office that is part of a factory environment.

The truth is that it is much easier to soundproof any room while a building is under construction but, like most of us, we simply don’t have access to our offices as they’re being built. While factory environments are often very productive, and today’s modern machinery is a lot quieter, there is still a significant amount of noise and, in many cases, that noise echos – alot.

So what can you do to make your office environment a bit quieter? Start by taking a look at the door to your office. Is it hollow or solid? In a factory environment, having a strong, solid door is paramount as sound can’t pass through a solid surface as easily as it can pass through a hollow one.

Your next problem is air in general. Sound carries through the air but you can’t make your entire office airtight all the time. What you can do is make some minor changes that will help to absorb or dampen the sound waves before they have a chance to annoy you. The glass in your office window, if you have one looking out onto the factor floor, is also a concern. Here are some more soundproofing ideas to consider:

  • Ask your employer to install a second layer of glass over the first to create an air tight barrier capable of blocking sound.
  • Move your office bookshelves to the wall closest to the factory floor. They’ll add mass and dampen the sounds from the floor outside.
  • Put a carpet on the floor of your office if there isn’t one there already. The carpet will help to absorb sound as well.
  • Check the baseboards, walls, and windows to make sure everything is sealed properly. Seal the spaces with acoustical caulk if you identify a problem.
  • Hang heavy drapes over your office window. Open them if you need to see but close them if you need extra sound control. They’ll help absorb a bit of sound before it enters your office as well.

You won’t have much control over the way you soundproof your office at work but anything is worth a try. Good luck!

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