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February 4, 2010

Soundproofing Your Fence

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The joys of owning a home are numerous but, unfortunately, there are plenty of opportunities for bank account draining maintenance as well. Nothing is quite as enjoyable as hitting the back yard after a long day at work followed by home repairs. Unless, that is, you find yourself listening to your neighbors at their own backyard barbeques, listening to the next door neighbor’s radio out his window, or listening to some other annoying distraction. The bad news is that you can’t have a completely silent backyard – it is outdoors, after all. But, if you’re willing to put in the work, you can soundproof your fence and cut back on some of the distractions.

You generally have two choices when it comes to installing a soundproof fence. You can install the fence yourself or hire a professional fencer. Most professional fence installation companies will not install soundproofing materials for you. They will, however, pause the project at the appropriate point so that you can install your soundproofing materials before they move forward.

Let’s assume you’re installing the fence yourself. You’re going to start by setting your fence posts into the ground. Once they’re set (and set in concrete) you’ll need to nail the cross members between the fence posts. After this basic structure is in place you’ll begin soundproofing.

In order to soundproof the fence you will need to purchase some mass loaded vinyl. Nail the mass loaded vinyl to the structure you already have in place (or staple it if you prefer). Make sure you overlap the edges of the vinyl to ensure there are no gaps.

Once the vinyl is stapled to the structure, line the edges with your favorite acoustical caulk. Line the edges that are overlapped as well. This will ensure the structure has the highest STC rating possible.

Let the acoustical caulk dry and then move forward with the project. Install the fence slats as you would normally (or as the instructions state). When you are done, your fence will have some incredible soundproofing properties.

Fence soundproofing works best with cedar or redwood but any type of wood will be effective. You can’t eliminate the sounds of nature but you don’t need to listen to your neighbors. Soundproofing your fence will certainly help – guaranteed!

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