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December 1, 2009

Green Glue 102

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We’re back this week with more questions and answers about one of our favorite soundproofing materials – Green Glue. As we mentioned before, Green Glue is one of the best noise control materials on the market today, in terms of both functionality and affordability.

Here’s another list of commonly asked questions about Green Glue and how it works.

I keep hearing about Green Glue – but what is it?

Green Glue is a popular soundproofing material made by the company of the same name. It’s considered a damping compound and it works by preventing sound from traveling through walls, ceilings, floors, and framing. It works for both sound absorption and sound blocking projects because it simply stops sound right in its tracks by damping sound vibrations. It can be purchased in tubes of 29 oz. or in green glue buckets of 5 gallons.

Is Green Glue difficult to use?

Not at all it is actually a lot easier to use than most other soundproofing products – and it’s not as messy, either. All you have to do is slide your tube of Green Glue into a standard sized caulking gun and apply it to the walls you want to cover. You’ll install a new layer of drywall over top of the old (no sanding, scraping, or paint removal required), refinish the surface, and your project will essentially be complete.

Do I have to install extra drywall?

Yes, you do. The Green Glue material needs to be sandwiched between two rigid layers in order to create an effective sound barrier. Some people even add an extra layer of Green Glue and a third layer of drywall for optimal results but most people don’t feel the need to take their projects that far.

How do you secure the drywall?

In a normal construction project you might just nail the drywall to the studs but if you are using Green Glue in a soundproofing project you should consider screwing the drywall to the joists. The screws will help to better compress the soundproofing material, ensuring it spreads out properly. Check your town building ordinances to make sure screws are an acceptable material for your project, though.

How thick will the Green Glue make my wall?

One of the benefits of Green Glue is that it really doesn’t add a ton of thickness to your walls, thus ensuring you lose very little space from your room. The Green Glue itself will only be about 1/2 ml thick when applied, plus the thickness of your drywall, which can range from 1/4 inch and up. The choice is up to you.

Have more questions about Green Glue? Visit Green Glue 101 or contact us! We’d love to help!

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