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November 25, 2009

Green Glue 101

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Amongst both amateur and professional soundproofing professionals you’ll find that there are only a handful of products used on a continuous basis. One such product, with an amazing reputation, is the famed Green Glue damping compound. With an an affordable price and an easy to use design, it’s no surprise this soundproofing product is one of the most well loved and used.

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions we hear about Green Glue:

Can I Use Green Glue with Soundboard Instead of Drywall?

The simple answer here is no. Soundboard is a very light material and isn’t a good material to use when constructing walls or ceilings. Your best bet is to stick with strong materials, like drywall. Your overall project will be sturdier and the soundproofing aspect will be more effective.

Is Green Glue Dangerous?

Green Glue is one of the safest sound proofing materials available today. The company itself is committed to creating earth friendly materials and uses the least toxic materials possible to ensure your home is safe at all times. All Green Glue materials, whether you’re using damping compound or any of the other products, are non-toxic and non-carcinogenic. There is a slight odor to Green Glue but it disappears not long after application.

Is Green Glue Flammable?

Green Glue has undergone a series of extensive tests and it has been determined that the damping compound is not a fire hazard. Green Glue can even be used between walls with fire-ratings and will not have any negative impact on their effectiveness.

Is Green Glue Cost Effective?

Green Glue is incredibly cost effective. A case of 12 tubes runs around $165, or $14 per tube. Break this down even further and you’ll find you’re spending only around $0.75 per square foot plus the cost of new drywall. Green Glue damping compound is an incredibly cost effective method of noise reduction.

How Much Green Glue Do I Need?

Measure the area you are about to treat and determine how many sheets of drywall you’re going to apply. The standard sheet of drywall measures 4′ x 8′ and we recommend using 2 tubes of Green Glue per sheet of drywall. For maximum effect, use 3 tubes, but don’t go over this amount or you’ll actually diminish its effectiveness. Click here for more FAQ’s about Green Glue.

These are only a few of the questions we’ve received about this amazing soundproofing material. We’ll be back with more very soon!


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