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November 11, 2009

Dealing with Different Types of Noise

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When you begin to think about soundproofing your home you are going to find that there are not only different types of soundproofing materials and techniques but that there are also several different kinds of noise. The type of noise you need to sound proof against will make a huge difference in the products you decide to use.

Let’s say, for example, that the noise you are dealing with is a low-frequency type of sound – like the sounds that come from inconsiderate young drivers playing their radios with high bass sounds. Maybe you live on a busy street with lots of traffic or perhaps you have a few young neighbors. Either way, you need to determine which area of your home is most affected and make your soundproofing plan accordingly.

You might, on the other hand, have a lot of noise coming from your yard or other outdoor areas. If this is the case you must first take a step back and try to determine exactly where your sound problem is coming from. You will have a huge problem formulating a noise reduction plan if you do not have any idea what type of noise you are trying to reduce. If the noise is coming from outside you will have two main choices. The first is to create some sort of sound barrier in your yard and the second is to direct your soundproofing efforts into your home instead.

In this instance you will find that soundproofing an outdoor area, like a yard, is very difficult. There will always be low frequency or flanking noises to deal with and in order to protect your yard you’ll likely have to build a soundproof fence that is at least 15 feet high. Most city councils won’t even allow you to build a fence that high, so even if you wanted to spend that type of money and time you wouldn’t even be allowed.

Finally, we’ll take a quick look at the bark of a dog. Dog barking is unique because the type of bark (high or low frequency) will largely depend on the type of dog in question. The other problem is that dog barking doesn’t bother the average person unless he’s lying in bed listening to the sound – which is really the only time dog barking bothers most people. In this case you may not even have to soundproof your home. You might instead be able to simply ask the dog owner to make some different arrangements for the placement of the dog at night.

There are, of course, plenty of other different types of noise. These are just a few to consider. Make sure you take the time to identify the type of nouse you’re dealing with, and its source, before making any soundproofing plans.

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