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October 21, 2009

Searching for Soundproof Homes

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Are you looking for a new home? Have you had soundproofing problems in the past? If so, the odds of you being skeptical about the sound control abilities of the homes you walk through are going to be pretty high. After all, who wants to move from insanely noisy home or neighborhood to another?

Scientists have done research that shows that the majority of people ignore noise. As a matter of fact, only about 10% of the population tends to become aggravated at prolonged noise levels. Why is this? We’re not 100% sure but we do know that if you’ve had problems with noise in the past you’ll be even more annoyed by any level of sound than the average homeowner.

So what can you do to ensure that the new home you’re moving into is in a soundproof, or at least sound friendly, environment? You’ll need, of course, to do a little bit of research in advance.

You’re going to start by taking a very close look at the home you are considering. Take a look at the thickness of the glass in the windows and at the construction of the window itself. Is there a proper seal around the window? Do the windows shut properly? As we’ve discussed in the past, windows can be a huge source of noise if they’re not installed properly. Another factor to consider when looking at window soundproofing is the type of window (double hung, awning, or casement – with double hung being the best option).

The next thing you want to consider is the construction of the major utility systems throughout the household. If the house is older you may find that the plumbing and heating systems are noisy and will cause major sound control issues after you move in. Make sure you ask the homeowner or real estate agent to turn on these systems so that you can hear them run, if at all possible.

Other questions you should ask yourself in order to get an idea of the type of sound control work you’ll need to do on a new place include:

  • Where are the quiet rooms (bedrooms, offices) located? Are they near the noisier main road or are they towards the back of the house?
  • Are the floors made of hardwood or are they covered in rug? Do the floorboards beneath your feet or on the stairs squeak or make noise when you walk on them?
  • Is the home properly insulated in both the walls and the roof?
  • Is the home located on a busy street?
  • Is the home located near an airport, highway, or train line?

These are just a few of the questions you should be asking yourself about the level of soundproofing in a home as you start your hunt. Only you know how much soundproofing work you’re willing to do once you move in. Make sure you’re willing to work with whatever you purchase. Otherwise, you may want to simply keep looking for the right home.

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