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December 31, 2008

Sound proofing Facts (1)

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When you first were made aware of the term soundproofing, noise reduction, sound isolation, you figured a little research should be all that I need and then onto my soundproofing project. Well if you are like many others, you are feeling frustrated , confused and still do not know what and how it works. While the Internet is a great place to gather information, it also takes years of experience to filter through the right products that actually work. Additionally anybody can put information on the web and  while not everyone is trying to deliberately mislead people there are still some very ignorant people putting forth their information as if they are the worlds expert on this particular subject.

That said here is a short introduction to sound proofing which any one can comprehend. Sound travels through air and along solid paths. For proper soundproofing you would need to utilize a few different techniques. Airborne sound can be stopped by simply putting a sound barrier in front of the source of sound e.g. a wall. However although the the wall make a significant difference it is still a far cry for what you are trying to achieve (which brought you here in the first place). So how about adding layers and layers of drywall to my wall? Aside from being expensive and impractical, the results become less and less significant with each additional layer (an additional article needs to be dedicated for this point). with the wall in place the sound will now hit the wall and travel through as a sound vibration. So your next step and probably your most crucial and cost effective solution would be to damp that wall and/or ceiling and floor. In its simplest form, damping means creating a panel that is less prone to vibrations, there are factory made pre damped panels, but none can compare to the Green Glue DIY damping compound which can be used in walls, floors and ceilings. You would need two layers of building material either drywall, OSB, plywood etc. The Green Glue would be caulked on and sandwiched in between thus creating a damped material which in turn will greatly reduce any sound vibration, which will give you amazing results in any project. There are additional steps that need to be taken including absorption and decoupling which will be discussed in future articles.

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