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September 23, 2009

Hotel Soundproofing

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With a wide range of hotels available, consumers are expecting more and more of receiving their monies worth when staying at a hotel. This holds especially true when staying at a 3 star and higher rated hotel. When browsing hotel reviews you will see a trend of more people starting to comment about the soundproofing attributes of their rooms. There are some very satisfied consumers but more often than not there is some grumbling about the sound deadening properties that are lacking. Most new luxury hotels spent big monies on acoustical engineering and then some more on installing exotic products. The results are usually very good. They could be even better for a lot cheaper and even lower class hotels can benefit from understanding some basic sound control methods.

Firstly all new construction in hotels require  double layer of drywall on the walls for fire rating purposes. All there is to do is add Green Glue Damping Compound between the layers and they already achieved a STC rating of about 50 and if you add it to the other side of the wall you have a luxury wall of an STC of about 55. And the cost is minimal compared to all the other expenses, only about .65 cents a square foot. Luxury hotels should be looking to achieve total silence and that can be done by installing Whisper Clips and Hat Channel on the studs and then installing the two layers of drywall with Green Glue. Of course the must still be sure to treat the door soundproofing and window soundproofing with the proper sound control techniques.

Even existing and older hotels can simply add another layer of drywall with cheap green glue over the existing wall and spackle and paint off. The investment is a win win situation for hotels. They can advertise their sound proofing efforts giving clients an incentive to come relax at their hotel. Although buisness travelers are not as keen as vacationers as to their surroundings, they to would appreciate the peace and quiet that comes after a hectic day of business meetings. Hotels can sub the work out to a soundproofing and acoustical company at a fraction of the cost of hiring acoustical consultants.

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