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September 9, 2009

Soundproofing a Pool Pump

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Even though the summer is winding down, you may want to spend a few moments reflecting back on the times you’ve had around the pool. While you may not need to jump on this project right away, you may soon realize the importance of soundproofing your pool’s pump or filter system. The amount of noise it makes may not bother you but your nearby neighbors may take issue with the extra sound your pool pump makes.

Soundproofing a pool pump is a relatively simple task. You’ll need to start out by creating a small box that will enclose the pump itself. The best materials to use for the construction of the box are soundboard, fiber board, or some other type of dense material. While it is inexpensive to purchase, plywood should really be used as a last resort because its sound absorption qualities are not as high as with other materials.

The step is to line the inside of your enclosure with soundproofing materials. In this instance we recommend coating the inside of the enclosure with a layer of Green Glue and then adding a second layer of construction material, whatever you have chosen to use, to the inside of the box. You’ve essentially built a two-layer enclosure.

Keep your pump or filter’s specifications in mind as you build your enclosure. Many pumps and filters need ventilation so you’ll need to include some sort of ducting for ventilation to ensure the pump doesn’t burn up or malfunction. Ducting material can be easily obtained at your local hardware supply store. If you’re worried about the air flow to the motor, you can easily wire a computer fan to the ducting to provide enhanced ventilation.

The final step in the process is to look at the location of your pool pump to ensure it is on a soundproof surface. If it is mounted to a concrete slab or platform you may need to consider the sound caused by the pump’s vibration off of the concrete itself. In order to remedy this situation you should consider laying a sheet of mass loaded vinyl under the legs of the pump itself to help absorb some of the noise.

Having a pool is an enjoyable perk. Having a pool with quiet hardware is even more enjoyable – for both you and your neighbors!

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