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August 26, 2009

Learning from the Mistakes of Others

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The decision to soundproof a home or apartment isn’t easy for everyone. Many people don’t even realize they have a problem until it temporarily disappears (like the neighbor’s noisy dog going on vacation with them for a week) and they notice a difference in their quality of life. The truth is that making the decision to soundproof will make a huge difference in your ability to function as a normal human being. Not to mention the fact that if you’re getting the right amount of sleep you’ll have less problems with stress and physical illness as well.

Sadly, some people make snap decisions when it comes to soundproofing, basing their choice of materials and technique on the often misguided advice of others. If you plan on soundproofing your home or apartment you can definitely learn from the mistakes of others. Check out a few of our favorite examples.

Filling the Walls with Sand

We’ll keep this first example short and sweet. There was once a man who was told that if he filled his walls with sand they would suddenly become soundproof. We suppose the density of the sand might make it seem like a great material but – no.

The guy drilled some holes at the top of his drywall and proceeded to pump sand into his walls. He didn’t stop until his walls burst open.

Black Paint and Egg Crates

If you’ve done any research at all on soundproofing you’ve probably seen these two suggestions. Let’s squash these right away as well. Egg cartons and carton packing materials will not effectively soundproof your walls. They are porous materials and will allow sound to pass through.

Painting your walls black won’t help, either. Contrary to what you may have been told, black paint does not absorb sound or keep it from passing between rooms.

Success with Mass Loaded Vinyl

We do have a success story to share. A lady called a soundproofing company to ask for some advice because the neighbors in the apartment below her decided to repair their motorcycles in their living room one night (yes, you read that correctly). When she very politely asked them to keep the noise down they proceeded to mount speakers to their ceilings and blast music through the floor day and night.

The soundproofing experts suggested that she lay a few layers of mass loaded vinyl under her rug. The material made such an improvement she eventually went back to get more material and added additional layers not only in her bedroom but throughout her entire apartment.

While we would have recommended Green Glue and extra drywall under her carpet, the soundproofing experts really had a great idea. And to top things off the lady’s neighbors were thoroughly confused when she suddenly stopped complaining!

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