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August 19, 2009

Green Glue Packages Products for New Construction

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In case you haven’t yet heard, the folks at Green Glue are continuing to take the soundproofing world by storm. Over the past few weeks they’ve launched a campaign to advertise their latest package of products – a grouping of four specific soundproofing products perfect for individuals or contractors who want to include soundproofing from the start on new constructions.

Until recently, we’ve seen nothing but Green Glue damping compound from the company. While Green Glue is one of the premier soundproofing products on the market today, there was always a need to purchase extra materials to use with the damping compound – especially on new constructions.

The new Green Glue package for new constructions includes the following materials:

  • GASKET TAPE, aka joist tape, for you to use over both ceiling and wall joists. This tape is essential because it keeps your drywall and joists from rubbing together after the walls are sealed;
  • WHISPER CLIPS are another useful tool when it comes to creating a soundproof air pocket between two walls or layers of drywall;
  • ACOUSTICAL SEALANT, commonly used to fill in seams between pieces of drywall and to fill any crevice that might later allow noise to leak through a wall, ceiling, or window; and
  • GREEN GLUE DAMPING COMPOUND, traditionally applied between two layers of drywall to create a premier sound barrier.

In the past, individuals attempting to incorporate all four of these tools into a soundproofing project would have needed to purchase them separately, sometimes from different brands depending on the outlet. By grouping these four products together in a package under the Green Glue name, the company has positioned itself as one of the most attentive and persevering organizations in the industry.

The Green Glue company is known for being eco-friendly, creating products that are non-toxic in order to protect our fragile environment. Every product is made with safer chemicals to ensure you aren’t exposed to toxic odors as you work to complete your soundproofing project.

Every single product included in the package is essential to the completion of a great soundproofing project. Now, with all four combined, you’ll find the need to make multiple trips to your local supply store a distant memory. Grab the package and get to work!

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