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August 12, 2009

Soundproofing from the Source

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We’ve all had at least one soundproofing nightmare during our lifetimes. We’ve all had noisy neighbors, worked in loud offices, or lived in crowded college dorms. We’ve spend endless nights listening to partying neighbors dancing above our heads, barking dogs, and loud mufflers. So what is one to do about soundproofing against these noises?

Believe it or not there are a number of options. The first is the most diplomatic. Because the best way to stop noise it as its source you might want to consider approaching the source and asking for a bit of consideration. Your neighbors may not realize that their dance practice causes noise to flow through their floor/your ceiling. The guy three doors down might hang out in his own quiet room and may not realize his dog barks throughout the night. In many cases, asking for a fair solution is much cheaper than spending a ton of cash on a soundproofing alternative.

The second option, if the noise isn’t too loud, is to try counteracting the noise with your own. No, we don’t mean you should turn your radio up really loud to try to drown out your neighbors. We’re talking about quietly increasing the noise in your living space by adding white noise machines, fans, strategically placed radios, and even waterfalls. Sometimes effectively increasing the noise you hear will actually quiet your space without leading you to purchase expensive soundproofing materials.

Of course, if none of these things work you’ll want to explore a few more professional soundproofing alternatives. While things like egg crate foam aren’t really effective, materials like Green Glue and whisper clips can go a long way in creating both the mass and air space needed to block noise.

To get started with your soundproofing project you’ll need to determine exactly where the noise is coming from. Look for problems with your windows, doors, floor and ceiling joists, and even openings near your pipes. Properly soundproofing your space may be as simple as replacing a pane of glass or as complicated as using Green Glue to hang new layers of drywall throughout your space.

You deserve to live a quiet life. Start with the simplest solutions and, if all else fails, start considering a true soundproofing project. You won’t regret the choice.

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