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August 5, 2009

Soundproofing at the New Cowboys Stadium

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There’s something special about attending a football game in person. You’ve got lights, action, and hundreds upon thousands of die hard fans. That’s exactly what you would have found when you arrived at the old Texas Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys. Noise was a part of the process – no one would have ever considered soundproofing.

But when the Texas Stadium closed and construction began for the new Cowboys Stadium, things changed. The new stadium is like work of architectural and engineering art. Also referred to as Jerry’s World because of a $450 million donation from Jerry Jones, the stadium cost over $1.4 billion to build. Funded for the most part by Arlington taxpayers, the new stadium is now the absolute largest sporting venue in the United States. It’s also a soundproofing dream come true.

Why? The stadium has a lot of awesome quirks but amongst the most interesting are the semi-soundproof glass cages that line the upper levels. They have their positives and their negatives. The positives are that they reduce the amount of noise heard on the field, making it easier for coaches and staff to communicate with their teams and those sitting in the box.

Not everyone is happy about the latest use of soundproofing materials, though. Many fans think that the cages only added to the overall price of construction and could have easily been left out. Others feel it kills some of the atmosphere of the game – cutting down on the boos and jeers the traveling team hears and destroying just a little bit of the standard home field advantage a team might have.

Despite the addition of the sound proof cages, the stadium is still incredible. It’s almost twice as large as the old Texas Stadium and has almost 100,000 seats. There are more luxury boxes and club suites than any other stadium could even dream of holding. The main draws include the gigantic scoreboard and two 160-foot long television screens.

We’re sure soundproofing wasn’t the first thing contractors and architects thought of when they started working on their designs but we can’t wait to see whether or not these changes will really make a difference during the upcoming football season. Only time will tell.

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