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June 5, 2009

More Soundproofing Tips

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Effectively soundproofing your home means knowing the difference between the different types of sound proofing materials and also knowing when to attempt to do your own work versus hiring a professional to get the job done. There are, of course, quite a few things you’ll want to learn about creating a sound barrier before you get started. Begin by following these tips:

9. Learn the difference between sound absorption and sound proofing. Sound proofing will not allow any sound to pass through the materials. Sound absorption materials tend to remove unwanted echos and make sounds clearer. In some instances it may be possible to absorb enough noise in one area to cause it to be completely eliminated in another.

8. Don’t overspend. Make sure you only purchase the soundproofing materials you actually need. Research what those are in advance and stick to your budget.

7. Make sure the sound deadening materials you choose are well known within the industry. There’s nothing worse than buying materials from some fly-by-night company only to find out that they aren’t of good quality.

6. Read up on the science of acoustics before you attempt to soundproof your room or home. Understanding how studios are created, for example, will ensure you purchase the right materials for your specific room design.

5. Consider using recycled materials. You’ll be protecting the planet while quieting your home at the same time.

4. Learn about soundproofing. Search the internet for information on soundproofing materials, techniques, and great soundproofing companies. Make sure you’re an educated consumer.

3. ┬áMake a solid plan before you attempt to create your sound barrier. Know exactly what you want to do, what materials you wish to use, when you’re going to complete your project, and how long you expect it to take. Doing so will ensure you’re able to stay on track, put your home back together in a reasonable amount of time, and stay within your budget.

2. Decide whether or not you can complete your sound roofing project on your own. There are times in life where hiring a professional is mandatory. Soundproofing a room in your home is not necessarily one of those times.

1. Ask your family and friends for advice on the techniques and products you should use. Those who have already gone through the process will prove a valuable source of information!

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