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June 4, 2009

10 Quick Soundproofing Tips

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Not exactly sure where to start when it comes to soundproofing your house or even just a single room? Creating a sound barrier can be a simple task or a complex one depending on the type of solitude you are seeking and the amount of money you’re willing to spend.

Not everything has to be difficult, though. If you’re just looking for a few quick solutions to get you started you’ll want to consider the following 10 quick soundproofing tips!

10. Avoid leaving your stereo or entertainment center speakers on the floor. Doing so causes them to vibrate off of the floors and walls, creating additional noise. Elevate them on speaker stands instead.

9. Plant thick shrubs, short trees, or ornamental grasses outside your doors and windows. They’ll help to mask noise coming in from the outside.

8. Use indoor fountains or waterfall machines to mask the noise near your doors and windows from the inside. They add beautiful décor to the inside of your home and sometimes the “quiet noise” they create is very soothing.

7. Use weather stripping around the edges of all of your doors. Don’t forget to seal the doors inside your home with acoustical caulk as well to keep internal noise from spreading.

6. Purchase rubber pads that are at least ½ to 1 full inch thick. Place the pads under the corners of your refrigerator, washer, dryer, and any other heavy appliance you own. The rubber pads will help to absorb some of the noise these machine create. Mass loaded vinyl may work for this part of your project as well.

5. Check the places around those heavy appliances as well. Stuff the sections around the appliances with soundproof materials so that the sound does not vibrate in the surrounding spaces.

4. When your electrical outlets were installed they were placed in spaces that were slightly larger than the box itself and then covered with outlet covers. Remove the outlets and use acoustical caulk to seal the spaces before replacing the outlet cover.

3. Check the noisy rooms in your house for places where sounds might be entering. Not sure how to check? Turn out the lights and look for places where light seems to be shining through. Places where light shines through are automatically going to be places where sound comes through as well.

2. Use Green Glue to hang a second layer of drywall on the existing one. The damping you create will form an amazing sound barrier.

1. Plant a series of evergreen trees on your property. As they grow they’ll form a natural sound deadening barrier around your home guaranteed to reduce noise over time.

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