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May 28, 2009

Soundproofing Doors

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Is the incessant and continuous noise driving you up a wall every night? Perhaps your neighbors are having a party, a dog wont’ stop barking across the street – or maybe you are the source of the noise. Regardless, it’s important to remember to take care of your front door when soundproofing your home or apartment. Creating a soundproof door will help to significantly cut back on the amount of noise you either share.

Begin by checking the type of door that is currently on your home. External doors tend to be solid while interior doors are often solid but you may have a hollow exterior door, especially if you live in an apartment.

If you own your home, remove your door and replace it with a solid door. If you rent your home or apartment ask your landlord for permission before removing and replacing the door. Your landlord may be willing to pay for the repair or may ask you to do it yourself. In some cases you may have to agree to put the original door back on the hinges before you move out.

Once you’ve hung the proper door take a look at the seal around the edges, paying special attention to the bottom of the door. Soundproofing the seals is easy and involves only the right metal automatic door sweep to attach to the bottom of the door. It’ll help keep noise out (or in) and will also cut down on energy consumption during the winter as it will work to keep cold air out. You may also want to put a foam filling inside the doorjambs to further enhance your soundproofing experience. You will also need to install sound gasketing around the jambs and header of your door. Another great help is if you can put another layer of plywood onto your door with Green Glue sandwiched in between.

Most people don’t embark on a home soundproofing project without a special reason. If you’re a musician, for example, you may find that hanging a soundproof mat over the door will help to block noise when you are working. These mats can be attached with adhesive and can easily be removed when you’re not hard at work creating music.

The next step is to check behind the molding in the door frame. There should be some sort of insulation inside the frame but if there is not you’ve found another major source of sound. If this is a problem you can purchase a soundproofing caulk to fill in the empty spaces.

If you’re really desperate for a 100% soundproof room, consider hanging a second door from the same doorjamb. You’ll have to make sure they each hinge in a different direction but the air pocket created in between the doors will naturally soundproof the area.

Soundproofing a door doesn’t have to be a difficult task; nor do you have to use all of the suggestions listed here. Choose what works for you based on your current situation and enjoy your new, quiet door!

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