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July 30, 2014

Soundproofing Mistakes to Avoid – Part 2

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sound3A couple of weeks ago we talked about some critical soundproofing mistakes you really want to avoid. Here we are again with a few more to consider, and they’re just as important as the first set.

Avoid Getting Even with Your Neighbors

Aside from the really arrogant guy living upstairs, did you realize that most people have no idea how much noise they’re even making?  Don’t let your anger fester until you hate the neighbor you used to love. Instead, try knocking on his door and having a civil conversation. A great number of problems can be solved civilly (and inexpensively).

Buying Super Cheap Materials

Cheaper isn’t always better, especially when it comes to soundproofing. Even at a home improvement store, the cheaper stuff isn’t necessarily going to be good just because it’s there. Versatile materials like Green Glue can do a lot to solve your problems and aren’t too expensive; but they are time tested and most people will vouch for the effectiveness of a product like this.  Do your homework, find the source of your noise, and choose accordingly – after researching materials to make sure you aren’t about to make your problem worse instead of better.

Don’t “Deal with It”

Thinking you can cope with noise is bad – very bad. As a matter of fact, studies have shown that noise can be pretty bad for your health. It can disrupt your sleep patterns, cause stress, and even contribute to the development of heart issues. Deal with the problem as soon as you realize it exists, but don’t attempt to cope without taking action.

Laminated Glass?

We have no idea who even thought of this idea, but we’ve seen a lot of people remove floating glass and replace it with laminated glass. It’s slightly better than float glass, but not enough to warrant the time or expense (and it’s very expensive). A better idea is to install a 2nd layer of float glass, creating a cavity between both layers.

Cavity Search

Do a quick search around your house and look for cavities that are allowing sound to pass through. A lot of people think these need to be filled in, but the truth is that sealing them off but allowing them to remain unfilled may actually be better for soundproofing than a solid space.

There you have it. Mistakes to avoid – or at least consider in your research. Good luck!

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