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July 9, 2014

Soundproofing Mistakes to Avoid – Part 1

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sound2Soundproofing a home, office, or any other space definitely takes time, but it definitely isn’t very difficult. A little bit of research as well as some cost-effective soundproofing materials can go a very long way.

That said, a simple search on the web for soundproofing advice will bring you to quite a bit of junk and bad advice. The following are 5 very common mistakes you can bypass from the start.

Avoid Consultants

A consultant will take your money and give you information you could very easily get on your own. Any consultant will look around your home for gaps where sound can pass through walls, doorways, or windows. They’ll charge by the hour and when you see the report you’ll probably feel a little silly. Unless you’re a professional musician and need a professional studio, you can probably do without a consultant’s help.

Don’t Panic

It’s common for people to become upset when they’re not sleeping due to noise. But what’s the real cause? Is your neighbor’s dog barking in the yard between your two houses? Do you need to soundproof your bedroom or could you save time, money, and effort by having a polite conversation with your neighbor? Maybe he doesn’t know you sleep on that side of the house or realize his dog makes so much noise.

Don’t Take Advice from Amateurs

Anyone who tells you to nail old carpets to your walls, paint the walls with dark colored paints, or pump cellulose into your walls is out of his head. Some advice, while well-intended, is going to waste your time and money. Buy some high-quality materials, like Green Glue or mass loaded vinyl, and simply do the job right the first time.

Involving the Police

There are obviously incidents where it’s important to call the police, like a group of rowdy teens or drunk neighbors getting violent. But for ongoing noise complaints, this may not be the very best solution. The police can do very little about minor noise complaints and it’s best to not involve them unless absolutely necessary. It would stink to have angry neighbors next door.

Don’t Guess

Don’t guess at which technique will work for soundproofing your home. Read about a few different solutions, assess your problem, and compare what you’ve found to your research. Green Glue, acoustical caulk, and mass loaded vinyl are just a few of your options, and each is installed differently. Make sure you read those instructions, too!

Avoid these soundproofing snafu’s and you’ll definitely enjoy a quieter existence sooner than you had hoped!

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