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May 27, 2014

In the News: The Royal Dive is Closing

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Out in Texas, a seven-year old club known as The Royal Dive has closed its doors. The venue was well known for it’s cold beers, entertaining comedy acts, and night after night of entertaining music.

The good news is that Oceanside residents won’t have to wait very long for The Royal Dive to reopen. The organization is going to reopen in a new location on North El Camino Real, likely with a new name that honors both the past and the future.

So why are they moving? The easy answer is that the lease was up and the rents were too high for the industrial park atmosphere, one that isn’t quite right for a growing club. There are also several competing bars in the area, making it difficult to draw a crowd.

What will be special about the new location? It’s in a standalone building, for starters, and isn’t in an area where competition will be a big deal.¬†When this venue does reopen, it will cater to larger touring groups as well as to local bands and entertainment groups.

Of course, one of the things we like to see is that a bar is going to undergo soundproofing renovations before opening. This is a huge, important step for any public venue. We’ve seen story after story about bars and venues having to pay hefty fines because of noise violations. The best thing a venue like this can do is undergo a major soundproofing overhaul while the building is already under renovation and construction. It costs less to do the work while the walls are already open, saves time (ie. not having to shut down to do renovations later), and will keep both patrons and neighbors happy in the long run.

Not sure what type of soundproofing is appropriate for your business? It’s a question we answer often. Soundproofing isn’t just appropriate for places like bars and concert venues – places with high noise levels. Retail stores, spas, karate schools, doctors offices, and just about every other environment has some need for sound control, whether it’s from a neighbor, vehicle traffic, or some other source.

Give us a call at 845-388-1200 if you’re not sure what solutions are right for your business. We’ll do our best to help!



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