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February 16, 2012

Soundproofing Office Suites (Chat 3)

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Hi how can I help you?
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2012-02-15 12:14:16
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2012-02-15 12:16:01
Visitor: I am an architect in …… I have a client who is the owner of an office building for whom we do space planning and tenant improvement work. He is constantly getting complaints about noise transmission between adjacent offices. He has tried numerous sound-proofing techniques with little success. Can you offer any suggestions?
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2012-02-15 12:16:40
Abe: For a new construction project or for his existing building?
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2012-02-15 12:16:58
Visitor: This is an existing building.
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2012-02-15 12:17:20
Abe: Is it a problem between rooms or between floors?
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2012-02-15 12:18:08
Visitor: Mostly beween rooms. There is a drop ceiling with a mechanical plenum above. The walls go to the underside of the drop ceiling.
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2012-02-15 12:18:36
Abe: Do you know if there is insulation in the walls?
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2012-02-15 12:19:42
Visitor: Not only have they put sound insulation in the walls, they have built double walls with airspace in between and sound insulation above the ceiling for 3′ on both sides of the walls.
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2012-02-15 12:20:17
Visitor: They have also caulked all around the walls
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2012-02-15 12:21:41
Abe: The problem is the sound jumping the top of the wall and coming through the ceiling. You have to continue the wall all the way up (to the roof) double drywall with Green Glue acoustic caulk on the top and sides.
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2012-02-15 12:22:21
Abe: Green Glue damping compound between the 2 drywalls and acoustical caulk to seal
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2012-02-15 12:24:11
Visitor: The space above the ceiling is a mechanical plenum and it will be very difficult to build a complete wall that does not have voids for existing mechanical ductwork, plumbing, wiring, etc. Any other suggestions?
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2012-02-15 12:25:27
Abe: You can remove the drop ceiling and do a double drywall with GG ceiling (hung from the grid) I doubt that you’ll agree to do that 🙂
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2012-02-15 12:26:19
Visitor: Does your company have any local reps who might be able to take a look at the situation and offer some specific suggestions?
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2012-02-15 12:27:01
Abe: Not in…. sorry (for large jobs we do come down, like new hotel construction etc).
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2012-02-15 12:28:05
Visitor: Any suggestions on who we could talk to?
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2012-02-15 12:29:15
Abe: Not sure. I thought I was the right guy 🙂
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2012-02-15 12:31:31
Visitor: A lot of the problem has to do with the expectations of the tenants which I am guessing are not achievable without significant expense. Are there suggested details on your website for all of your assemblies?
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2012-02-15 12:34:50
Abe: Sure. Look on the left side under “Articles” there is a fly out menu there. Again I am almost positive that your problem is as I described it and the 2 options are either to build the wall up or do a proper ceiling. In this case the tenants may have a point. I have one more suggestion for you and that is to lay down the 1 pound Mass Loaded Vinyl on top of the drop ceiling providing that you can get continuous coverage acroos each room.
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2012-02-15 12:39:31
Visitor: And that is to cover the entire ceiling of each room?
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2012-02-15 12:39:39
Abe: Yes
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2012-02-15 12:41:56
Visitor: I’ll check that out, thank you. I will direct the building owner to look at your website. Do any of the measures you are describing have quantifyable reductions in STC ratings that could be measured?
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2012-02-15 12:45:21
Abe: Yes. Green Glue walls have tons of STC lab tests and the MLV I told you about has a STC of 27 however that is when it is free standing it is less when it is together with other materials and there is no real test data on that. We do sell a ton of MLV although it is only a 2nd choise
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2012-02-15 12:48:15
Visitor: I’ll try to call you shortly. Thank you!
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2012-02-15 12:48:27
Abe: YW
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