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December 29, 2011

Soundproofing Chat – Foreword

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We have an interesting new idea. From Chats and emails with people looking for soundproofing advise we can build a great database of sound control FAQ’s and advise that will be useful for everyone out there. At TMsoundproofing were all about educating anyone who is interestedin proper sound control technique yet keeping our common sense intact. What I mean by that is similar to many new laws and legislation that are put into effect because they make sense when your sitting behind a comfortable mahogany desk in a plush carpeted room. However out in the real world it just is unrealistic and a huge burden to people. Same goes for many “scientific sound companies”. Giving you lab results and all kinds of advise of keeping a space between every wall, floor and  ceiling, Ripping down walls to change insulation etc. We have been and still are out in the field. We know about construction, messes and extra expenses. Our advise takes it all into account. Start reading and I am sure you’ll agree.

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