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June 27, 2011

Belief in Humanity

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Today my belief in Humanity was somewhat restored. A customer who picked my brain a week ago for 20 minutes and stated “I will be back to buy the material from you as you were so helpful” actually called back today to place a large order of soundproofing materials.

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Our society has become so used to demanding superior customer service that they many times forget basic human manners. They will send an email on how to soundproof this and that. I will spend time responding and sending attachments etc. many times they will not even respond with a basic Thank You. Is my time and knowledge not worth the decency of a Thank You? Or they will call a few times and sometimes take up lots of my busy time and then go shopping to see if they can find the product for a few dollars less.

That is why today’s (and many other great customers) order was so heartening to see that yes there may be some people who can only think about their own self and suck you for your knowledge and time and not feel the least bit need to reciprocate. However there are just as many if not more great people out there that are human beings and a human being is defined thus when he can raise himself above animalistic being which means thinking about another person!

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