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July 1, 2009

Soundproofing the Aquarium Pump

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Let’s face it – some of us are more sensitive than others. The sound of your aquarium pump may be a bit louder than you expected but, believe it or not, you can take care of the problem very easily if you understand the soundproofing basics. You have two options.

The first option is to create a soundproof blanket to wrap the pump. You can use a material like mass loaded vinyl and add some velcro so that it stays around the pump. Keep in mind, though, that this technique will only work if you have a pump that does not need air in order to function.

Your second option is to build a small, soundproof box that will enclose the pump. The problem here is that wood transmits sound so you’ll have to soundproof the box itself by adding a soundproofing material (again, like mass loaded vinyl) to the inside of the box.

To finish off the project, take a piece of the vinyl and use it to line the pedestal on which your aquarium sits. This will ensure that your entire aquarium system is operating as quietly as possible. It’s healthier for your fish and your sanity!

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