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June 23, 2009

Soundproofing Don’ts: Egg Crates

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We certainly understand the desire to save money when attempting to soundproof your home. Unfortunately, the moment you choose your soundproofing materials is not the time to worry about how much money you’re going to spend. Even still, we’ve heard of individuals making some pretty interesting (and useless) material choices thinking they’re going to save in the process.

One such mistake is the incorporation of egg crates into the soundproofing process. While it may seem like egg crates would make a gerat sound proofing material they really don’t. They’re soft and pliable and are meant to do one thing only – protect the eggs they’re carrying. The material used to make egg crates is very porous and sound can easily travel through.

So, yes – you may hear rumors about egg crates making great soundproofing materials. Try to ignore them. Instead save your money and buy some proper materials from the start. Otherwise you’ll just end up spending more to buy the right materials later on down the line!

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