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June 11, 2009

Noise Tolerance Levels: I hate noise, but I tolerate it because…

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Today we’ll continue exploring the different categories of people as they apply to noise tolerance levels. Let’s step things up a notch and look at some of the people who tolerate noise despite not liking it.

Unfortunately, there are a myriad of reasons why someone who isn’t happy with the noise volume in his home or neighborhood might choose to stay there with no change anyway. Sometimes the cost of living in the noisy area is more affordable than in the surrounding areas. In other cases people tolerate noise because it only happens at scheduled times – like when the neighbor’s dog barks to be let out at night or when the guy who lives behind you mows his lawn on Sunday morning.

The problem with this group of people is that they often don’t realize that soundproofing options are available to them – that they really could sleep through the night if only they’d install window barriers or apply some caulking around the doors. What we do know is that no one who doesn’t like noise should have to tolerate it for any length of time!

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