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June 9, 2009

Noise Tolerance Levels: I don’t believe…

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Yesterday we started looking at the different types of noise tolerances people build up over the course of their lives. We started with the least concerned, those who are oblivious to noise, and today we’re going to take things a step up and visit those who don’t believe the noise around them is bothersome.

“Believe” is the key word here. You can believe you are immune to a disease even though you are not. Those who believe that noise doesn’t have an impact on their lives are usually wrong. Nose impacts your ability to sleep at night and those who are subject to regular noise don’t realize that they aren’t sleeping nearly as soundly as they could. Because they don’t get the same deep sleep they would, in reality, need to sleep longer in order to wake up refreshed but this rarely happens.

Are you someone who thinks he can sleep despite the noise around him? I challenge you to go out and buy yourself a pair of earplugs and try sleeping, for one night, in a quieter atmosphere. I guarantee when you wake up in the morning you’ll feel the difference and you’ll want to give a second thought to soundproofing your home.

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