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February 9, 2016

Floor Soundproofing Alternatives

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floorNoise pollution can be a big problem inside your house. Although soundproofing can help, you may want to think about the alternatives first. You may be able to reduce the noise inside your home with a few simple steps.

Before you start making changes, you have to find the source of the noise in your house. It can range from your kids playing with loud toys to your neighbor practicing his drum solo. After you have determined the source, you can plan to reduce the noise.

It is important to remember that your neighbors may not be aware that their noise is affecting you. They cannot tell how far sound travels, and they may think the insulation in the walls is enough to stop it. You want to start by politely talking to your neighbors and asking them to reduce the noise. You may want to offer soundproofing tips or advice to help them.

If the noise is coming from your own family and house, then you can take other steps to eliminate it. First, you may be able to rearrange the layout of the rooms, so you are not near the noise. You can also move items such as noisy televisions and radios, so they do not bother you.

Another option is to use carpets and rugs to cover your floors. They can help absorb sounds and reduce the annoying noise that comes from people walking on hardwood floors. Although it may not be easy to cover up the beautiful wood floors in your house, your ears will thank you. Carpet is an easy solution, and mass loaded vinyl under the carpet can help you reduce the noise even more. If you already have carpet, then it may need to be replaced with a thicker version that has more material under it.

Soundproofing does not always require multiple steps or expensive renovations. You can achieve results with a few simple steps that cut down on the noise that bothers you. Your sanity depends on a quiet home, so you need to consider the options to reduce noise in your house.

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