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February 2, 2016

Basement Soundproofing

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sound3Your basement can benefit from soundproofing. Although you are probably not thinking about it, your basement can create a lot of noise. This is the area of the house that usually has the washer, dryer, boiler and other appliances. You may also use the basement as a man cave or entertainment room. You can take steps to soundproof the basement and reduce the amount of noise that travels from it.

One of the simplest ways to make a basement soundproof is to install and use the right materials during the construction process. You also want to check the blueprint for your house. If you see two doors that are across from each other, then it is time to make design changes. Two doors that are lined up this way can make noise worse by creating a funnel.

You can still have a soundproof basement even if you have no control of the construction or design process. The first step is to focus on the basement floors and ceiling. You can eliminate noise from upstairs with soundproofing. Green Glue allows you to add a second layer of drywall to the ceiling on top of the original. This will reduce the noise coming from people walking and moving things above the basement.

If squeaky floors are a problem, then you can take other steps. First, you can remove the original drywall and add gasket tape to the joists. This will help reduce the noise. Then, you can add another layer of drywall and use Green Glue to finish the project.

The windows in your basement can also benefit from soundproofing. You can start by checking the window frame and making sure it is made from wood or vinyl. Then, you want to check for cracks and drafts that need to be caulked or sealed. Acoustical caulk can help reduce the noise coming from the basement windows. You can also replace the windows with double-pane or soundproof glass versions.

You do not want to ignore the basement in your soundproofing plans. It can generate a great deal of noise. In addition, if you use the basement for any purpose, the noise coming from upstairs can annoy you.


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