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January 26, 2016

Air Conditioner Soundproofing

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air conditionerA noisy air conditioner can quickly ruin a fun summer day or night. It is an annoying sound that can also scare pets and drive children crazy. However, air conditioners are a requirement in some locations because of the heat. During the spring and summer, the noise coming from air conditioners drives many people to ask about soundproofing.

Despite manufacturers’ claims that modern air conditioners are less noisy, the owners know the truth. They are still loud and can be heard all over the house. Your closed windows can block some of the sound, but you are confronted by the noise the minute you walk into your yard. In addition, your neighbors can hear it and may be annoyed by it. Soundproofing can help you keep the peace with your neighbors.

It is possible to soundproof an air conditioner and reduce the noise that comes from it. First, you need to create a sound barrier that is at least 8 feet tall. The barrier should have an “L” shape. The short part of the “L” should be 3 to 5 feet away from the house. The long part of the “L” should go along the length of the house.

The barrier needs soundproofing materials to work properly. You can use construction adhesive, mass loaded vinyl and acoustical caulk to finish the project. The mass loaded vinyl should go on the inside of your barrier, and the construction adhesive will help you attach it. The acoustical caulk will help you seal the seams. You want to remember to place the mass loaded vinyl so it faces the air conditioner.

After you have created the sound barrier, you can help it blend in by painting it the same color as your house. You can also use shrubs or planters on the outside of the barrier wall to hide it. The total amount of time usually spent on this project is about a day. However, the results can last for years. Your neighbors, pets and children will appreciate the efforts. You may even notice your neighbors waving to you again after the sound barrier reduces the noise from your air conditioner.

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